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Public Sector

Public Sector

Building Connected Infrastructure

For customers in the public sector, digital transformation centers on building connected infrastructure that promotes digital inclusion, improves access to connectivity, expands the tax base, and enables smarter government. The foundation and enabler of this infrastructure is a modern, high-speed fiber and wireless communications network. With this foundation, you can implement digital services and applications that use cloud-based services, extract actionable insights with sensing devices, and support a new generation of convenient, accessible public services.

Working with state, provincial and municipal governments across North America has enabled us to develop an intimate understanding of the communications network challenges that face the public sector. We know how tough it can be to provide technology that elevates public services and keeps pace with residents’ expectations even though constant cost pressure, high expectations among the public, ever-present security threats, and fast-paced technological changes are the norm. We’re ready to team up with you to provide the network solutions you need to solve your challenges.

Connecting Cities and Counties with a Smart Future

At the city and county level, there is a widespread need to modernize aging, inefficient, maintenance-heavy systems to make ready for the “smart era.” Modern information technology, and its network foundations, are a key part of the solution, but many small and rural communities must prioritize increased digital inclusion by providing adequate broadband connectivity to underserved or unserved areas.

A Modern Broadband Foundation

The single biggest factor in determining the fate of your city’s digital future is its technological infrastructure. With a modern broadband foundation, you’ll have in place the primary building blocks for cloud infrastructure, sensors, smart services and applications. All of which give your community an edge as you evolve toward a smart city – a smart infrastructure with the connectivity, data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the enhanced capability to solve pressing civic issues.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Small Communities

Fujitsu is expert in developing network solutions that solve the special problems of small and rural communities and helping to improve the quality of life for residents. We work with these communities to shed outdated approaches to technology and build broadband infrastructure that helps create jobs, grow the local economy, improve healthcare access and open up new learning avenues through distance learning. And we’re there to help solve funding challenges as well; we can assist in applying for federal grants and loans from federal agencies, on behalf of state and local government customers building their own broadband networks.

Middle-Mile Networks: The Backbone of Modern Regional Broadband

At the state or provincial level, CIOs must focus on cost optimization as well as on network modernization; the art of doing more with less not only has a strong influence on how networks are built, it is also one of the benefits that better connectivity helps enable in other areas. IT modernization, including improved broadband access, often offsets some of its own cost. By building open, modular, programmable network architectures and implementing software-driven technologies such as SD-WAN and Network Functions Virtualization, CIOs can make a valuable contribution to the overall quality of connectivity in the area they serve.

Lastly, amid growing concern about transparency and accountability, restoring public trust in government is a critical need where improved network and information technology is highly relevant. The ability to interact with public officials while viewing live-streamed audio and video of government meetings and deliberations, quickly access public documents, and easily contact public officials are all direct results of dependable high-capacity networks and IT systems.

Fujitsu Solutions for State & Local Government

Fujitsu solutions for state and local government include:

  • Fiber and wireless broadband connectivity for last and middle-mile networks
  • Network automation and modernization
  • Smart city and IoT technology
  • Turnkey network integration
  • Managed services such as hosted SD-WAN, cybersecurity, NOC, fiber assurance

Fujitsu Solutions for Federal Government

Fujitsu has worked for many years with Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian agencies to deliver approved networking solutions using our optical platforms. We also work with federal agencies to implement network automation and open optical network solutions.

Why Fujitsu?

The best solution comes as a result of teamwork and co-creation. So we make our team part of your team, which gives us the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of what you need to move forward with digital transformation. We help each customer, from small, rural towns, to growing smart cities, to states and provinces, navigate their digital transformation for as long as they need us. Many customers choose us as prime integrator for their entire broadband network or smart city implementation, vision to completion.

Through global expertise and strength in both IT and communications technology, we bring to the table unique scope of capability and expertise, especially in combination with our long track record of successful network deployments. When you work with Fujitsu, you’re working with a turnkey solution provider and prime integrator dedicated to making your network deployment or technology refresh as simple as possible, and above all, getting the best possible outcome for you.


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