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Service Providers

Service Providers

Service Providers

Service providers across the board, from Tier 1 national players to small local providers must keep up with emerging technologies and increasing competitive pressure. Their situation also requires a thoughtful balance among technologies and equipment across several generations. Regardless of current and emerging demands, “traditional” service providers cannot ignore the need to manage—and eventually phase out—their existing network assets wisely. At the same time, they must devise smart ways to benefit from new generations of technology and satisfy rising customer expectations.

Competing in a Fast-Changing Network World

In common with customers throughout the communications network industry, service providers seek to control their operations costs by combining simplification and automation. But they must also meet accelerating demands for bigger data allowances and better-quality of service from data-hungry subscribers. Keeping pace on both counts means implementing a more flexible network infrastructure—while migrating the installed base of legacy TDM customers to newer services and/or networks.

Count on Fujitsu’s Unique Perspective and Experience

Fujitsu owes its unique perspective on this part of the industry to a decades-long track record. Starting with the earliest optical network implementations, we’ve worked with traditional carriers and other service providers through decades of evolutionary change. Our long-term commitment to the industry is why we understand how to navigate the realities and implications of the changes still to come.

For service providers moving to next-generation technology, the modular 1FINITY optical networking platform helps expand broadband capacity without significant capital investment. This platform provides an open foundation that helps you avoid vendor lock-in and reduces time to market. FLASHWAVE solutions are also available for customers who are operating existing networks based on traditional architecture. Our network services team will work with you to modernize or migrate your network and keep it operating in top condition going forward.