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SMARTer2030: Australian Opportunity for ICT Enabled Emission Reductions

Fujitsu and Telstra are proud to present the SMARTer2030 Report: Australian Opportunity for ICT Enabled Emission Reductions.

The digital transformation of the Australian and global economies opens significant innovation opportunities. It will play a fundamental role to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming, but it will also generate new revenue streams and empower society. At Fujitsu, we call this Human-Centric Innovation.

Fujitsu and Telstra’s report examines the 2015 Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), SMARTer2030: ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges and puts these global opportunities into the Australian context. Our report reveals that if the technologies modelled were fully adopted, that ICT can potentially support the Australian Government to surpass its carbon reduction target.

SMARTer2030 also finds that in Australia:

  • ICT could generate over $AUD419 million in economic benefits in the year 2030 for the eight sectors studied;
  • ICT provides significant environmental benefits such as increasing agricultural crop yields while reducing water and petrol use;
  • E-work can free up $AUD11.8 billion in capital expenditure through the reduced need for infrastructure;
  • E-Health can support 7 million people a year to engage with health practitioners remotely, in real time and on-demand

The report features a range of case studies across a variety of industries that demonstrate how Fujitsu and Telstra are using a range of technologies to help customers to achieve business and environmental benefits.

“Supporting SMARTer2030 is one way Fujitsu is informing people of the power of ICT. SMARTer2030 clearly articulates that Australia and the world have much to gain from implementing smarter and more efficient technology. As businesses apply a serious technology and innovation lens across their environmental impacts and opportunities, they will increasingly find an ICT solution that delivers not only for the environment, but also for the bottom line, customers and the community”.

- Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Fujitsu Oceania