FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM)

Enables the path to a software defined datacenter.

In today's digital world, where the internet has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, businesses need to deal with a huge amount of data - and this number is still growing. To accommodate this, companies keep adding more and more compute, storage and networking devices to their existing infrastructure resulting in some operations being run on legacy systems and some on the latest devices. They are managed using vendor- specific, component –specific or 3rd party management software leading to siloed management of both physical and virtual resources.

FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager enables organizations to have centralized control over the entire datacenter which includes servers, storage, networking, cloud management software as well as power and cooling using a single user interface. ISM is not just restricted to a single datacenter management but is also capable of distributed data center management and thus enables the path to a software defined datacenter.

+++ FUJITSU recently announced a new free-of-charge
ISM Essential license for standard infrastructure management capabilities.
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Gain agility and simplify IT operations

Designed the way people work, ISM provides an integrated view and centralized control over heterogeneous environment

Deploy IT Fast, easy, reliable
→ Automate device configuration
→ Mass OS installation
Control IT Centralized, easy, efficient
→ Node Management
→ Health status
→ Monitoring and Control
→ Capacity/Threshold
→ Management
→ Power Management
Maintain IT In any state, at any place
→ Remote Management
→ Update Management
→ Logging and Auditing

ism overview
Integrate IT Seamless, manage uniformly
→ In Enterprise Management
→ In vendor specific Management
→ Monitor 3rd party platforms
Dynamize IT Simple, sophisticated, efficient
→ Converged Management
→ Virtual-IO Management
→ Network topology Management
Cost & time reduction with uniform
management of firmware update*
Reduction in power consumption*Faster to troubleshoot*

* Results based on Fujitsu internal testing, 2017 in comparison to siloed software solution

Flexible licensing options available to suit different business requirements

ISM Advanced license:
  • Fully featured advanced version of ISM that provides comprehensive infrastructure management across multiple data center

ISM Essential license: (New)
  • Provides a quick start to efficient infrastructure management with converged monitoring and management capabilities free-of-charge
  • Provides an easy upgrade path to ISM Advanced license

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