How will it impact the UK economy’s future?

Innovation enables businesses to grow and improves UK competitiveness. A UK government report showed that innovation was estimated to have accounted for 51% of labour productivity growth between 2000 and 2008. But how will it shape the future of the UK economy?

Fujitsu’s ‘Nova’ series, inspired by the innovation challenge in the UK, is a thought leadership series shining a light on new, tangible aspects of innovation influencing the current and future direction of the UK economy.

Connecting leaders operating in digital teams, dedicated innovation units and business service lines, the series draws on international best practice to offer expert insight on how organisations can tackle strategic economic challenges, ranging from effectively adopting emerging technologies to stimulating entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship: why the UK needs to think differently about a key driver of innovation

Entrepreneurship is often heralded as a stimulus of innovation, but do we need a more evidence-based view of how to generate the business model, process and technology transformation required to boost UK competitiveness? Listen to the thoughts of experts from Fujitsu and top UK universities.

Paradigm shift? How emerging technology could enable sustainable growth

Watch presentations by experts from the Centre for Cognitive & Advanced Technologies and Oxford Quantum Circuits, who featured as part of a ‘Nova’ series event exploring the role AI, quantum and digital twin technology could play in enabling sustainable growth.

Discover more about innovation at Fujitsu

  • computing


    We are enhancing the computing power that is required to process massive amounts of data, focusing on the fields of supercomputers, HPC (high-performance computing), and quantum computers
  • ai


    We are developing innovative AI technologies to support decision-making, such as Explainable AI, Trustworthy AI, and Human-Sensing
  • converging

    Converging Technologies

    We will promote development of converging technologies that combine cutting-edge digital technologies and the knowledge of social science
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