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For service providers, it’s a challenging but also an exciting time. New companies are causing disruption with lower cost services. While some may see this as a threat, the rapidly shifting marketplace also presents the chance to boost business and win over new customers.

So, how do you negotiate these twists and turns and rise above the competition?

The answer is to collaborate and co-create with the best technology partners. And that’s where we come in. Not only do we help you lay the ground work to deliver faster, more reliable services we also co-create with you, to develop new solutions. So, your business can catch the eye of new customers. And increase margins quickly with less risk.

What do end customers want from UK service providers?

We commissioned technology research experts Vanson Bourne to look at exactly how senior IT decision makers plan to integrate UK service providers into their IT strategies.

We explore what customers looks for in a future-ready service provider, the types of offerings in demand today versus in 3 and 5 years, plus how to differentatiate your cloud offerings against the hyper-scalers.

Power up your service provider
business with Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s service provider program helps our partners grow through co-creating together and sharing risk – we call the latter cloud sourcing.

We’ve built our program with learnings from the future – watch Rudi as he explains how.

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