Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Bangkok Insurance enhanced performance with Design Thinking provided by Fujitsu

Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited has been running business as an insurance company for more than 70 years, offering all types of insurance under the management concept that emphasizes efficiency, aiming for internationalization, and increasing customer satisfaction with branches and service offices covering all regions of Thailand.

Business Challenges

All organizations have been facing lots of challenges and working problems including Bangkok Insurance that they needed to adjust their thinking process to be able to fully understand the problems with ability to solve in the right solution.


Bangkok Insurance selected Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to conduct a Design Thinking Workshop to create a systematic design thinking process for solving problems, understand its challenges and develop an innovation within the organization including being more creativity, better business thinking and teamwork building.

The key was to brainstorm together for better understanding what customer needs, including finding out the right solutions to solve the working problems, learning and creating value and innovation.


That Design Thinking Workshop provided by Fujitsu helped employees in various departments of the company to fully understand the problems, be able to brainstorm ideas, think out of the box with having principles to support whether ideas were valid or not.

In addition, which helped build up better teamwork within organization to be more efficient and successful with being more understanding each other and well-rounded, possibility to find out the best solution together to solve various problems and challenges effectively including increasing the completion of works and seeing more business opportunities like never before, which was the most important.

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