FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC)

FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center (DTC)

Our Digital Transformation Centers are based on the successful co-creation template we developed in Japan . They are carefully designed to help your people work with Fujitsu experts and other partners within highly focused workshops.

The half-day or full-day sessions take place in specially equipped studio spaces. Real-world problems and needs are isolated to help generate ideas which then can be used to develop concepts. That helps build proofs-of-concept which can be tested, modified, and turned into proofs-of-business focused on delivering tangible outcomes.

Tailored tools and methods will inspire your people. The interactive workshops are carefully planned to mix the right people to achieve intensive creative thinking. Digital inspiration cards are the product of our work in a wide variety of workshops with a diverse range of customers. We use them to speed idea formation. As the ideas flow they’re captured on paper cards which will, in turn, be digitalized and added to the development of specific solutions. Large digital screens show the trajectory of thought, so participants can keep track of ideas and re-arrange them to inspire new outcomes.

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Introducing the Digital Transformation Center

Fujitsu is proud to announce the opening of its new Digital Transformation Center in London. Through a unique blend of the latest technology and our Human Centric Experience Design thinking, we’re working with organisation’s to deliver digital solutions that unlock business value and access new value streams.

Fujitsu’s Co-creation approach

Joachim Box, Head of Fujitsu’s EMEIA Co-Creating Program introduces our new Digital Transformation Center in London.

Unlocking new business value with Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation Center

Digital Lead for the UK&I, Jat Sahi discusses how Fujitsu are working with organisation’s to tackle digital disruption and unlock new business value.

Turning digital vision into reality

Director of the Commercial Sector in the UK&I, Adrian West discusses how Fujitsu are using the Digital Transformation Center to bring our customers digital vision into reality.

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For further information or to arrange a workshop, contact the Co-creating Program team.

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