Fujitsu Co-creating Program Workshops

Accelerate your digital transformation

We offer outcome focused workshops as part of the Fujitsu Co-creating Program. They are designed to help shape the future of your business. You decide who attends and whether you’d like this to be hosted in one of Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation Centers (DTCs), at any other location or virtually.

It’s important to think of the time spent for a co-creation session as a joint investment by both Fujitsu and you. It is not a chargeable consultancy. By mixing our people with yours we both benefit.

By the time everyone leaves the workshop, the team will have developed a clear perspective on possible ways forward and a shared commitment to working together. You receive a detailed co-creation report, access to all the ideas from the session via our innovation platform, and, most importantly, a clear plan of the next steps, all within 48-hours of the workshop.

Who should attend a co-creation workshop?

To get the best from our co-creation workshops the right people need to attend. That’s how we achieve value in both the short and long term. That means bringing decision makers and key people from your organization who understand your customers’ needs and the specific challenges that your business must address urgently.

They need to be people eager to think imaginatively, have new ideas, use creative tools and methodologies and be willing to collaborate with each other and partners. Most co-creation groups consist of up to 16 people, and 10-12 should be from your enterprise.

In our experience, those people are:

  • Engaged in building new business
  • Developing customer value propositions and solutions
  • Managing teams and budgets
  • Leading business and IT-enabled projects

Preparing for your workshop

Co-creation depends on good preparation. The workshops are highly-focused and work best when carefully chosen participants arrive with a clear understanding (and articulation) of the specific challenges they need to address, the business strategy they want to deliver, and the criteria by which success will be measured.

The dialogue starts with a preparation call with a senior customer sponsor to ensure that we all know what issues, ideas and materials to bring to the workshop and what to expect from it.

Contact us

For further information or to arrange a workshop, contact the Co-creating Program team.

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