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Welcome to Mining + Fujitsu co-creation technology partnerships

We can help you:

• Design and deliver fit-for-purpose modern platforms
• Enhance your employee’s digital-experience
• Establish the blueprint + high-calibre project team(s)
• Create quality data assets and cyber culture
• In a way that is ethical, clever, cost-effective, accountable, & respectful of your time.

At Fujitsu, our aim is to support your operations as a mature, capable, & aligned partner.

Our Capabilities

Where to next with your Data Strategy?

An independent Data Assessment Roadmap is great for ensuring that customers with big plans get it right before making the big investment! 

  • Mitigate risk by adding visibility at all stages
  • Create a future workplace and workspace that works well
  • Reduce the costs of your digital assets and operations
  • Improve business continuity
  • Benchmark the strength of your cybersecurity
  • Put powerful data analytics and actionable insights into the hands of the Operations, HR, Safety, ESG, and Innovation business managers.

How we help our clients unlock the value of their data

Geri Morrell, Director of Client Engagement, Mining

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