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Cyber Security Solutions for the Enterprise

Intelligence-led cyber security services and solutions - peace of mind in a digital world

As digital technologies continue to advance rapidly, and cyber crime becomes ever more prevalent and sophisticated, you need to ensure your infrastructure and operations are not compromised.

For a truly effective solution, it's important to examine the individual demands of your organisation and its particular risks

Success lies in mitigating breaches before they happen, and self-learning to prevent future incidents: all while ensuring business continuity across the enterprise. Fujitsu intelligence-led cyber security gives you the tools and technologies you need to robustly manage your cyber security. Enjoy complete visibility of events to identify threats early-on, and routine scanning of systems to detect vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Meanwhile, external intelligence provides an overview of current and emerging risks as well as your overall cyber security posture.

Our full range of professional security services and managed security services are based on best-of-breed security technologies. Fujitsu's local and global Security Operations Centres provide a 24/7 secure service tailored to your requirements, and drawing on more than 40 years of experience in highly secure environments.

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How do Fujitsu Cyber Security Services help our Customers?

  • We have 20 plus years of providing Managed Security Services to organisations across Australia and New Zealand
  • We are trusted and accredited to deliver cyber resilience up to the most critical requirements for highly protected organisations, including sovereign cyber security services
  • We serve and operate the full technology and solution stack for our customers, informing our practical view for implementing the right security controls that enable your business to operate in your industries and markets
  • We provide expertise, knowledge and practical insights to prepare organisations and mitigate against the impact of cyber attacks and data breaches, taking a preventative and proactive approach to reduce the business disruption that many organisations are experiencing from security incidents
  • We work with trusted, market leading technology partners to enable speed and coverage to protect, manage, detect and respond to security threats before they impact your business and your customers
  • The introduction of InPhySec, oobe, Enable and Versor to the Fujitsu capablity deliver greater expertise, independence and flexibility in how we deliver secured solutions and secure service outcomes to our customer

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Discover how Fujitsu's security services ensure business continuity 24/7, while mitigating threats using the latest cyber intelligence.

Cyber Security Service Offerings

Cyber Security Service Offerings

We deliver a comprehensive suite of Security Service Offerings including:

  • Managed Threat Detection & Response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Security Consulting Services
  • Threat Intelligence & Cyber Security Advisory Services
  • Secured Applications and Data
  • Secured Cloud Services

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Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Fujitsu can assist you to meet your organisation's cyber security requirements securing your information and intellectual capital – your most valuable assets. We offer:

  • Security Advisory and Assessment Services
  • Strategy Programs & Standards
  • Forensic & Testing Services
  • Security Incident Response & Readiness Services
  • Security Engineering Services
  • Inphysec Security Services

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Cyber Resilience Centre

Cyber Security Operations Centre

We deliver a suite of managed cyber security services from our Cyber Operations Centre:

  • Managed Threat Detection & Response – real time monitoring and response services delivered by our Cyber Operations Centre and 24x7 security experts, leveraging Fujitsu global threat intelligence and industry leading security technology partnerships; to detect and mitigate threats, triage security operations and incident response to defend and maintain business continuity.
  • Vulnerability Management – probing of assets and configurations to identify weaknesses. This information can then be used to drive the remediation activity and enhance the protection of critical information assets.
  • Threat Intelligence & Cyber Security Advisory Services– proactive threat advisories and Information Security Manager services that enable your target Cyber Security posture aligned to your business objectives and ICT strategy.

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