Internet of Things

Today, we live in a hyperconnected world where IoT connects people, information, and things in a way that’s fundamentally changing both business and society. The internet of things has become a disruptive force across all industry sectors and is a key driver of digital transformation and a core enabler for the hyperconnected business.

At Fujitsu, we’re at the forefront of hyperconnected business transformation. We work in partnership with our customers to co-create digital solutions that enable them to become hyperconnected. Combining the power of IoT with digital technologies, AI, and network solutions, we are able to deliver a clear 360-degree view of how your business is running and performing at all times.
By connecting objects across your entire enterprise, we enable you to collect powerful real-time data, reduce risk, automate operations, improve safety, anticipate service issues, build better products, pre-empt customer needs, and transform the user experience.

Hyperconnectivity is enabling people, information and things to come together in unique ways that are fundamentally changing business and society. Transforming to a hyperconnected business will allow you to see more, predict rather than react, act fast, unlock new ways to create value, and optimise everything. With our proven consultative approach, embrace the IoT, AI, network and digital technology solutions to drive small targeted initiatives or full scale digital transformation.

Become a hyperconnected business with Fujitsu

As a hyperconnected business, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. Using information from a wide range of sources, including; people, sensors, assets, and equipment you can gain a unique perspective on your organisation.

There are a number of key enablers that underpin all hyperconnected businesses:



The provision of great connectivity using the latest technology and the ability too rapidly execute change to keep pace with changing business demands. Advanced network analytics to provide a real-time view of your network performance.


Intelligent communications

Engage internally within your organisation and externally with your customers over multiple channels using Voice, Video, IM, and with sharing data from any device. The ability to support API integration to key business systems.



The ability to co-create innovative solutions that can leverage the benefits of the IT/OT integration and a network that is fit for IoT services.


Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

The ability to understand the value of data and how to use that data to gain insight and improve decision making.


Process Automation

The ability to automate processes and facilitate system integration via APIs.



Integrate enterprise applications and create business flows between Maximo Asset Management and your framework applications.



The ability to understand every aspect of how a business is running and performing.

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