Fujitsu New Zealand Limited

Company nameFujitsu New Zealand Limited
Company registration numberWN-37446
GST number44 431 122
Street address

Level 3
40 Bowen Street
Wellington 6011
Telephone+64 4 495 0700
Facsimile+64 4 495 0730
CompanyWholly-owned subsidiary
Ultimate holding companiesFujitsu Australia Limited (100 per cent)
Subsidiary companiesNone
Major business activityInformation technology services, solutions and products
Year established1980
Country ManagerRob Purdy
AuditorsErnst & Young
SolicitorsKensington Swan
BanksWestpac Banking Corporation
ISO 9000 certifiedYes. Audited by QAS.

Board MembersAppointed
Executive DirectorMr Aidan Walsh16 October 2007
Executive DirectorMr Graeme Beardsell1 November 2020

Updated:  5 November, 2020

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