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There are many reasons to choose IT financing over cash purchase and ownership. Leasing and financing from Fujitsu Financial Services can accelerate the acquisition of mission-critical IT in times when flexibility, transparency, and affordability are essential. We can transition upfront costs into periodic costs, thereby allowing you to conserve your capital. Fujitsu Financial Services offers a complete portfolio of financial solutions enabling the planning, transitioning, acquiring, managing, and retiring of your dynamic IT infrastructure.

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand are able to provide financial solutions in all key vertical markets and industry sectors.

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Why Lease

A lease is a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee (user) to pay the lessor (owner) for use of an asset.

Leasing or financing is more than just a great way to acquire IT without upfront investment and can assist in overcoming a range of business challenges:

Business drivers for leasing and financing:

  • leasing enables you to acquire tomorrow’s technology today
  • leasing improves business agility and flexibility
  • leasing minimizes the Total Cost of Ownership
  • leasing allows you to concentrate on your core activities
  • leasing is flexible and adaptable

Financial drivers for leasing and financing:

  • leasing avoids significant capital outlay
  • leasing maximizes your tax allowances
  • leasing protects your existing credit lines
  • leasing improves your cash flow
  • leasing makes budgeting easier

Technological drivers for leasing and financing:

  • leasing allows the use of cutting edge technology
  • leasing finances all IT associated costs – hardware, software, services
  • leasing guards against equipment obsolescence
  • leasing removes the burden of equipment disposal
  • leasing matches the complete IT lifecycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I lease as opposed to paying cash for the equipment?

Financing offers a variety of benefits over an outright cash purchase. Suppose you take the cash that you will use to purchase the equipment and reinvest it in your business. You could use it to advertise, purchase inventory, or hire and train employees. By matching your payments to reimbursements or benefits from using the equipment, you can better manage your cash flow.

An equipment purchase isn't in my budget this year.

Financing can translate capital outlay into low monthly/quarterly payments; a lease structure can be developed to accommodate your budget constraints. Deferred payment terms will also help you obtain the equipment now rather than waiting for the next financial year.

I don't want to rush into anything, why don't you give me a call next quarter.

Now is the time to prepare yourself for next quarter. We offer plans that will allow you to accept the equipment now and defer your first payment until next quarter, or offer lower initial payments that step up over time.

Who is responsible for the insurance and maintenance of the new equipment and payment of property taxes?

You are responsible for maintaining the equipment and providing the proper insurance cover. We would need confirmation of the insurance policy but you can, of course purchase service packs and services contracts either directly from Fujitsu or one of our partners that will fully cover your maintenance obligations.

How does FFS compare to the bank?

Fujitsu Financial Services does not require down payments and compensating balances like a bank; we also finance soft costs, professional services, project management, installation etc; whereas a bank may not. We do not tie your payments to an index, your payments are fixed for the entire term of the lease. We offer you an additional, and less restrictive, line of credit. We also offer more flexible plans – such as deferred leases – that a bank may not allow. We all know there is more to a product than price, so we provide a wide variety of services, flexibility and payment structures that provide real value and help make your job easier. Financing with FFS protects your existing bank credit lines, allowing you to use them for other critical business areas.

What if I would like to get financing for more than five years?

The defined useful life of IT equipment rarely exceeds five years. Therefore, it is likely that you will need to expand or replace the equipment before five years is up. We don't want you paying out for a piece of exhausted equipment.

What if I do not want to own this equipment in three years?

Many customers worry about obsolescence. Leases give you the lowest monthly or quarterly payments and the end of lease option to return the equipment to Fujitsu. With financing you have the flexibility to exchange to new and improved equipment at the end of your finance term. Tech Refresh options further protect against obsolescence by allowing you to flexibly upgrade or refresh part of your IT portfolio, so that you are using the latest technology at all times.

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