Multi-Cloud Resource Center

In the rapidly changing world of today it is necessary to become agile as an organization, as to be better able to respond to events and trends. Having a successful cloud strategy is one of the key factors for this. However, complex operations running on multiple clouds are no easy tasks. Ensuring that you are able to navigate such complex infrastructures, as well as ensuring that they are part of your Hybrid IT estate, is of great importance. On this page you can find some of the latest ideas and developments specifically for the Dutch market, and blogs written by our local experts.



Transforming the future of Financial Services with Multi-Cloud

Multi-Cloud is critical for responding to and embracing the pace of digital disruption in the financial services market. It’s also fast becoming a major driver of information/cyber security, with 70% of organizations we surveyed reporting an improvement since moving to a hybrid environment.

Despite this, a holistic security strategy for protecting your multi-cloud systems, applications and data throughout your evolution is highly important. With Fujitsu and our trusted partners, you can accelerate your transformation with complete confidence and control.

How to avoid a Multi-Cloud Monster

Cloud-Computing is nothing short of phenomenal. Adoption is through the roof. But increasingly businesses are encountering a cloud monster. At Fujitsu Forum 2019 we had an interview with two of Fujitsu’s thought leaders to explore how to avoid this from happening.

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