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CLARiiON Series 3000 Storage


NOTE: This product has been announced or has reached End of Service Life. It cannot be ordered, and will no longer be supported after the specified date.

Fujitsu Computer Systems, a predecessor company of Fujitsu America, announced the End of Service Life terminating maintenance support services for CLARiiON 3000 storage devices effective close of business March 31, 2006. Customers of record continued to receive support from the Fujitsu Computer Systems Global Service Center until close of business on that date. An announcement of this change was sent by mail and posted on the EOSL website. Table 1 lists the CLARiiON models affected by this announcement.

Table 1 - Product Models Affected by this Announcement

Model Description
CLARiiON Series 3000 CLARiiON Series 3000 storage

Please contact your local Fujitsu account team to find out more information about product migration options.

Learn more about the Fujitsu End of Service Life Policy