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Fujitsu: Our Sustainability Program

Fujitsu has a genuine commitment to driving greater environmental performance across our organisation. This is apparent from Fujitsu's Sustainability strategy, governance structure, targets and achievements.

Fujitsu operates under an expanding Environmental Management System which promotes continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

With a strong heritage dating back to 1938 when we created a parkland environment for our first factory in Japan, Fujitsu is taking responsibility for the consequences of its activities. We established a sustainability transformation project in 2007 and we have backed this determination with specific and far reaching targets. These challenging sustainability targets and comprehensive policies are evidence of our ambition to be become a truly sustainable company, enabling us to take a leadership position in the local marketplace.

Impressive achievements over the past three years has seen Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand reduce operating expenses and inject additional impetus into our path to sustainability. From a 2008 baseline, the emissions generate by our offices has been cut by more than 18%, travel related GHG emissions has reduced by more than 50% and our data centre facilities run a PUE which is consistent with industry accepted best practice for tier III data centres.

We are also:

  • Opening our environment related results to critique for continuous improvement
  • Encouraging employees to keep the impact of their business activities front of mind
  • Helping customers improve environmental efficiency
  • Conserving resources as we create best of breed, eco-friendly products
  • Reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle
  • Reducing risks caused by the use of harmful chemical substances

Fujitsu Australian and New Zealand has embraced the challenge of global sustainability and seek ongoing, continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

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Fujitsu Sustainability - Our Policies

Fujitsu Sustainability - Targets & Achievements


Fujitsu Sustainability - Managing our impact Environmental Impact


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