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Sustainable ICT Solutions and Services

Did you know that data centres account for approximately 45% of IT power consumption? Or that ICT energy use for office spaces can represent up to 60% of a company's electricity spend?

These figures clearly show that strategies and frameworks that enhance energy efficiency of ICT play an exciting and lucrative role in any business’s sustainability journey.

Fujitsu’s Sustainability Consulting Services and Solutions help organisations to unlock the benefits of information and communications technology (ICT) in a way that drives both innovation and energy-efficiency while delivering significant long-term cost savings. We call this ‘sustainability-led innovation’ and it is about helping you create a better future for your business.

The benefits we’ve helped our customers realise by developing and delivering successful ICT sustainability strategies are wide-ranging, real and achievable. Our solutions have consistently helped our customers identify and realise significant savings in their ICT power bill anywhere from 20% to as high as 75%.

From the quick wins through to the truly transformational, our ICT Sustainability Solutions can help you and your IT department reduce your environmental footprint and enhance the bottom line in a multitude of ways. Areas where we excel include:


“Technology underpins our every move. Smart analytics is changing the way we plan and respond. We’re working collectively as an organisation to trend use down. And we’re helped by Fujitsu having very good policies and procedures in place for equipment life-cycle responsibility. With Fujitsu’s structured approach we can see it all in one picture and chart our direction.”

– John Valastro, Head of Environment, Resilience and Workplace Transformation, Qantas Group

To learn more about how sustainable ICT solutions could work for your organisation download our paper on Sustainable Information and Communications Technology (2 MB).

Fujitsu Group strives to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society through provision of ICT solutions. We offer solutions that assist in solving various social issues including reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conservation of biodiversity, energy and resource conservation, security of food supply, urbanisation, and disaster prevention. More information is available here.