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Sustainability Consulting

Fujitsu is committed to not only achieving our own environmental ambitions, but enabling our customers to achieve theirs.

At Fujitsu we’ve embedded sustainability into the core of what we do. We’ve also made it our goal to help our customers do the same. We want to inspire, compel and motivate the companies we work with to be the most sustainable versions of themselves. With over four decades of first-hand experience and research in addressing climate change and ICT environmental issues, we have the insight, knowledge and experience to help make this reality for them. 

Fujitsu’s Consultancy services and solutions bring together our in-depth experience in environmental issues, change management, benefits realisation and of course, in technology and innovation, to provide our customers with unique and customised technology solutions that competitively and sustainably meet their business needs. 

Our Sustainability Consultancy services are able to measure and assess the full environmental impact of an organisation’s IT estate as well as its specific greenhouse gas footprint. Through the full lifecycle, we are expert integrators and bring the best partners together to help us address our customers’ needs and improve eco-efficiency in their business operations, processes and services. Our unique and proven framework delivers results and helps our customers identify the risks and opportunities across all aspects of their business.

“Fujitsu has helped to provide Crown with the tools the business needs to begin the journey towards sustainability, with a goal of reducing energy and gas consumption by at least ten per cent.”

- Jonathan Wood Group Manager, Sustainability, Crown Resorts

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Sustainability Consulting

Fujitsu helps organisations unlock ICT cost savings and develops financial business cases for implementing energy-efficiency programs that achieve long-term savings.
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ICT benchmark

ICT Sustainability Benchmark

Fujitsu’s ICT Sustainability Benchmark provides a rapid assessment of an organisation’s strengths and opportunities to save money and improve their sustainability profile. Read more

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Smart eWaste Bins

Our Smart Bin solution uses IoT and process automation technology to simplify the issue of eWaste collection and disposal.
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The benefits we’ve enabled our customers to receive by creating and delivering successful information and communications technology (ICT) sustainability strategies are numerous, real and achievable. Our solutions offerings have consistently helped our customers identify and realise significant savings in their ICT power bill anywhere from 20% to as high as 75%.

Considering the average ICT energy use and spend for a company, the tangible savings we help our customers make are significant. These bottom line savings are saving more than just the environment. They help to enhance the overall competitiveness of our clients by freeing up more time and money, allowing them to focus on the things they do best. Adding value and driving change.

To learn more about Fujitsu’s comprehensive sustainability consulting services download our brochure on ICT Sustainability or see how we have assisted other business in creating and delivering on their sustainability strategies.

“We want our customers to choose us as their technology partner because of a shared vision of a prosperous and sustainable future. We believe no other IT organisation is as passionate and as genuine in delivering this vision as we are. Fujitsu considers the environment in everything we do.”

- Lee Stewart, Head of Sustainability, Fujitsu Oceania


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