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Fujitsu, a world leading, trusted services provider, has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer proven, flexible and secure IT solutions focused on improving student outcomes through the enablement of technology.

From K -12 to post-secondary, our experts will work alongside you and your students to develop solutions perfectly matched to your priorities in the digitalization of education.

Decades of experience in developing and implementing affordable and effective technology solutions for educators has resulted in an in-depth understanding of education customers' unique requirements. Our extensive portfolio includes a variety of school IT solutions and products, available on demand, to meet evolving needs. Like you, Fujitsu continues to invest in the success of the next generation.

Industry leading Education solutions

  • K – 12 Student Information Services: This solution delivers a student-centric service that can be deployed on premises or as a cloud-based solution. It supports an entire data ecosystem that extends well beyond student administration allowing parents and teachers to participate together effectively to positively impact student learning outcomes.
    • Managed services
    • BI Tools
    • Security Management
  • FUJITSU Education Solution Unified-One Integrated Database: will empower universities to take data and information from multiple applications and departments in their university to build a cohesive data story
  • FUJITSU Digital Archive Solution: a museum or a university can use this solution to archive all information in a database, allowing for instantaneous searching and providing smooth process to make information public via the Internet
  • Securon: this cloud-based solution efficiently and cost-effectively supports digital learning in schools of all types by enabling connected data communication and collaboration of open educational resources (OERs) through a secure portal environment (WebApp)

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  • Fujitsu Mobile products – Tools to keep students engaged and better prepared to be productive professionals in the 21st century

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