Transforming Education - the role of the Enterprise Integration Platform

June 2020 | Simon Blyth

We live in a digital age, where businesses from across all sectors are capitalizing on the benefits digital transformation brings. Traditionally, within education, the technology landscape was comprised of a set of disparate platforms solely owned by the individual education institution. As education institutions embark on their journey to enhance the educational experience and transform backend systems, the new technology environment will contain a more diverse set of systems such as locally owned, in the Cloud, partnered or third party.

Maximizing value in the new digital ecosystem will require a well thought out integration strategy that will enable the seamless integration of business processes, provide the interoperability and flexibility needed to adapt to market trends and ensure end-to-end security and privacy. 

For educational establishments wanting to move forward and transform, systems-wide integration is required to create a single-pane view of operations and processes across all departments from finance, purchasing, HR and communications to operations, budgeting, transportation, student administration and district reporting. Businesses need an enterprise integration platform, and education is no different. By integrating all processes and systems onto one platform - data, applications and services can be better managed and maintained. 

Fujitsu and Microsoft Azure – connecting systems, processes, people and data 

At Fujitsu, our long-term goal is to build an ecosystem of student-centric learning platforms to enable the streamlined flow of information across multiple domains and platforms where learning can be personalized and empowered by technology. The first step in achieving this goal has been the development of a platform capable of integrating systems from different departments and/or school boards into a single screen view of all operations. 

In partnership with Microsoft, we are working towards a future where technology and education go hand in hand. Together we have co-created an Enterprise Integration Platform that incorporates Microsoft Azure to connect systems, processes, data, applications and devices to provide full visibility of operations to improve efficiency, increase collaboration, enable compliance, deliver insight from data to improve results and enable new business use cases. 

With our Integration platform, we can deliver secure, stable, and resilient services to maintain KPIs during spikes in demand - something which will prove crucial as education moves more and more towards a digital experience. It can integrate key platforms such as digital records management, Student Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning systems and scanners to extract student and employee records, as well as integrate with new systems through the adoption of interoperable and industry-standard architecture. 

Furthermore, as we enter turbulent economic times when budgets could be cut to cope with the impact of COVID-19, adopting an Enterprise Integration Platform provides the means to streamline operations, cut down maintenance costs and minimize the loss of valuable staff time.

Our experience as a world-leading digital transformation partner, means we are perfectly placed to help education leaders navigate their digital journey.

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