Emerging technologies in the Public Sector


The future is here

Emerging technologies can deliver massive value to Public Sector organizations, bringing the power of detailed, real-time data and insights to make the best use of resources and create ever-better experiences for citizens.

Fujitsu Uvance Trusted Society

Fujitsu's Trusted Society advances the creation of a society from the perspectives of abundance, safety and security, and sustainability, while implementing and innovating trustworthy technologies to solve social problems together with countries, governments, citizens and business partners.

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Emerging technologies that make a difference now

The post-pandemic era will shape Public Sector missions, operations, and services in radical new ways. A key part of the response lies in exploring new technologies and digital transformation to extend pandemic agility into and beyond the recovery.

Artificial Intelligence – Very Human Decisions

AI can deliver better insights to make Public Sector organizations more responsive to citizens. It’s about going beyond data collection and organization – to understanding and action.

Inspired by the Future, Actioned Immediately

Harnessing the power of Quantum-Inspired Computing is the best way to optimize the way government works to deliver tangible benefits to citizens – now.

Make Data the Solution, not the Problem

Government at all levels is trying to cope with large volumes of diverse data flowing through multiple complex systems in real time. Organizations need to use Data Analytics to make better decisions, respond to changing needs, and serve citizens well.

Predictive Artificial Intelligence to Support City of Montreal Smart Mobility Program

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The City of Montreal asked Fujitsu to help evaluate and optimize services to citizens using artificial intelligence (AI). This led to a project to create a predictive AI-based solution to dynamically manage traffic lights in the city.

Public Sector AI Solutions – Enabling recovery, resilience, and reform beyond COVID-19

Emerging technologies conquer data buildup and put it to work in the Public Sector