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Fujitsu Digital Annealer

Digital Annealer

Digital Annealer - Quantum Computing Technology, Available Today

Optimize and innovate with Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired computing technology - performance that is generations ahead

Fujitsu's Digital Annealer provides an alternative to quantum computing technology, which is at present both very expensive and difficult to run. Using a digital circuit design inspired by quantum phenomena, the Digital Annealer focuses on rapidly solving complex combinatorial optimization problems without the added complications and costs typically associated with quantum computing methods.

The Digital Annealer computational architecture bridges the gap to the quantum world and paves the way for much faster, more efficient solving of today’s business problems. Our quantum-inspired computing solution is designed to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems which are unsolvable using today’s classical computers.

Optimize and innovate with the Digital Annealer technology solution

Fujitsu IT Products Limited required a solution to optimize routing and in-stock parts placement. By reducing the time required to select parts and the distance covered by optimizing routes, shelf layout, and parts placement, Digital Annealer effectively reduced the overall travel distance by up to 45%.

Forrester Study: Quantum-Inspired Computing; Today’s Solution to the Hardest
Business Operations Challenges

Some of the most challenging business problems in the world could be solved more effectively with quantum-inspired computing. In a recent Fujitsu-commissioned Forrester Consulting study we evaluated overall sentiments for solving these challenges and the results show a significant breadth of momentum.

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Fujitsu Digital Annealer Quantum-Inspired Computing: Real world use cases

Automotive: Factory Optimization

Automotive: Factory Optimization

Car manufacturers are looking to improve production efficiencies in order to accelerate deployment of new vehicles. Tasks include logistics improvements, vehicle design and robotics optimization. Digital Annealer-powered production aims to identify errors and flaws such as corrosion, defects, and quality issues immediately improving overall production planning and ultimately vehicle delivery.

Faster Molecular Similarity Search: Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery is ripe for disruption. A time-consuming and expensive process, taking years and costing billions, the industry is crying out for faster, more accurate drug targets to test at clinical trials. However, the technology has not been able to keep up, until now.

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Bio/Material Science: Faster Molecular Similarity Search
Banking and Financial Services: Low-Risk Portfolio Optimization

Banking and Financial Services: Low-Risk Portfolio Optimization

The Digital Annealer-powered portfolio solution finds the ideal investment allocation to maximize returns by grouping stocks that correlate with price variations, enabling portfolios to be managed with accuracy and reduced risk. The Digital Annealer solution can instantly find the best permutation from among 20 or more stocks (equivalent to more than one quintillion permutations).

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Distribution: Warehouse Inventory Management

In factories and distribution warehouses, the time it takes workers to walk around picking parts can be lengthy. Using the Digital Annealer within its own factory environment, the Fujitsu IT services team was able to optimize routes and in-stock part placement, enabling workers to successfully reduce distance traveled by up to 45%, significantly increasing productivity.

Distribution: Warehouse Inventory Management
Retail: Personalized Digital Marketing

Retail: Personalized Digital Marketing

Using the Digital Annealer, marketing agencies and retail companies can accurately and instantly deliver personalized content to existing and prospective customers through engaging and targeted web content, thereby influencing their purchase decisions.

The solution is offered as Fujitsu Digital Annealer Quantum-Inspired Services, comprised of
Technical and Cloud Services to help business optimize and transform operations.

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Global Partner Collaboration

Fujitsu remains committed to developing leading technology solutions and services to serve global customers, and close collaboration with partners is essential to supporting our customers’ success. Fujitsu has established strong relationships with leading vendor partners and academia in the quantum arena with the goal to advance quantum-inspired technology and optimization services to benefit organizations today and continue to evolve in the future.

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