GLOVIA OM leverages legacy systems to create a single, accurate source of information for everything from calculating shipping to applying promotions.

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Enhance today’s customer experience for employees, partners and customers



Enable digital disruption to address tomorrow’s needs - launch new product lines, services or channels rapidly



Empower individuals and teams within your ecosystem to deliver the best customer experience

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“GLOVIA OM allows us to more effectively drive the sale of software and manage licenses and subscriptions in a way that allows us to extend that functional capability to our channel partners.”

Dennis Amorosano, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS)

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GLOVIA OM is used by top global manufacturing brands to extend their business models and transform their businesses. GLOVIA OM turbo charges the System of Record (i.e. SAP, Oracle, etc.) with the System of Engagement (Fujitsu GLOVIA OM) and pushes a manufacturing enterprise on the path to innovation and hyper growth.

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In conjunction with Salesforce® Clouds, industry-leading retail brands use GLOVIA OM as an enterprise Omni-Channel Orchestration hub. Improve sales execution, streamline inventory management; and optimize supply, demand, and fulfillment. The resulting benefits are shortened sales cycles and increased productivity, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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GLOVIA OM helps ensure inventory levels for Distribution companies or companies with partner/dealer models are optimized. GLOVIA OM enables real-time information flow that enhances visibility, boosts collaboration and delivers the best customer experience between you and your partners.

"We are a small high-tech startup company looking to take our manual sales and production assembly inventory management processes to a more automated out-of-the-box solution. We lacked reporting capabilities due to the man hours required to create management reports, etc... Many software applications were researched, analyzed with demos, and tested. Choosing Fujitsu GLOVIA OM has been an awarding experience that meets our needs using best practices. Their entire sales support and implementation team are competent and helpful with project planning and step-by-step implementation including data transfer support."

David Sapuppo, VP Operations

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GLOVIA OM is built on the Salesforce® platform utilizing the latest in development, design, and industry best practice.


One click order management


Real time visibility into-order fulfillment


Robust pricing discount and promotion capabilities


Barcode scanning


Real time inventory visibility


Instant invoice


Enhanced quoting capabilities


Salesforce communities accessible


Offline and online apps


GLOVIA OM leverages legacy systems to create a single, accurate source of information for everything from calculating shipping to applying promotions.


Finally, Order Management - Simplified. Find out the challenges retailers face and a solution that makes it simple!


Fujitsu GLOVIA, Inc. is a fully owned product development subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited. In its portfolio it has two state of the art ERP systems namely GLOVIA G2 (an in-premise solution) and GLOVIA OM, which is a cloud based end-to-end enterprise solution built on the industry proven Salesforce platform.

At Fujitsu GLOVIA, we only feel successful when our customers are successful. Our lasting commitment to you ensures that your investment with Fujitsu GLOVIA will meet all of your needs now and as your business grows and evolves.

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