As a green company, Fujitsu strives to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycles. We recognize that protecting the environment is a corporate obligation and an essential business requirement.

Fujitsu offers customers several recycle options for getting the most for aging technology and minimizing the impact on the Environment.

Free Recycling Programs

  • Recycle your Fujitsu mobile computer, desktop or monitor
    Fujitsu has made recycling your old Fujitsu products as convenient as possible once its useful life is over.
    Free Recycling Program - United States
    Please note: this program is available in certain states only. 
  • Recycle your mobile computer battery
    When you replace your mobile computer battery, it is important that you dispose of the old battery properly because batteries contain materials that could cause environmental damage if disposed of improperly.
    More Information on Recycling your Mobile Computer Battery

  • State Specific Recycling
    Please see Recycling of Electronic Waste.

  • Recycle Your Mobile Computer Battery
    Please see More Information on Recycling your Mobile Computer Battery.