Recycling Your Battery


Recycling Your Battery

Over time, the batteries that run your mobile computer will begin to hold a charge for a shorter amount of time; this is a natural occurrence for all batteries. When this occurs, you may want to replace the battery with a fresh one*. If you replace it, it is important that you dispose of the old battery properly because batteries contain materials that could cause environmental damage if disposed of improperly.

RecycleFujitsu is very concerned with environmental protection, and has enlisted the services of Call 2 Recycle (Formerly known as RBRC)**, a non-profit public service organization dedicated to protecting our environment by recycling old batteries at no cost to you. For further information, please go to the website at

Call 2 Recycle has drop-off points at tens of thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada. To find the location nearest you, go to a new window or call 1-800-822-8837.

If there are no convenient Call 2 Recycle locations near you, you can also go to the EIA Consumer Education Initiative website ( a new window) and search for a convenient disposal location.

Remember – protecting the environment is a cooperative effort, and you should make every effort to protect it for current and future generations.

** Call 2 Recycle is an independent third party to which Fujitsu provides funding for battery recycling; Call 2 Recycle is in no way affiliated with Fujitsu.

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