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Quantum Lab

Transforming society in the digital age with the world's most advanced computing

Our mission is to push the boundaries of cutting-edge computing technologies,
surpassing the limitations of Moore's Law and Von Neumann bottlenecks.

Quantum computing is a dynamic field of research and development that, when fully realized, will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of computing and society at large. Addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges will necessitate scientific and technological innovations, where computing will play a crucial role. The quantum computing paradigm introduces a novel approach to processing information through quantum particles, offering the potential to alleviate the computational bottlenecks faced by several complex societal problems.

At Fujitsu Research of America, we delve into the capabilities and constraints of quantum computing, focusing on algorithmic development and applications. Our exploration spans various societal domains, considering both near-term and long-term perspectives. Actively researching the benefits of quantum algorithms for fundamental computational problems, we address specific issues and offer quantum solutions to enhance the resolution of our customers' challenges. Identifying quantum computing advantages across different computational models, applications, and industrial verticals is a crucial step in exploring the future usability of our research.

Quantum Computing

Researchers in the Quantum Lab

  • Hayato Ushijima

    Hayato Ushijima

    Quantum optimization,
    quantum machine learning,
    quantum algorithms,
    quantum error mitigation

  • Rutuja Kshirsagar

    Quantum error-correction,
    quantum algorithms,
    quantum machine learning
  • Sarvagya Upadhyay

    Sarvagya Upadhyay

    Quantum information, complexity theory,
    optimization, machine learning, differential privacy

  • Xiaoyuan Liu

    Quantum optimization,
    quantum machine learning,
    quantum algorithms

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  1. Synergetic quantum error mitigation by randomized compiling and zero-noise extrapolation for the variational quantum eigensolver; APS March Meeting 2024- Tomochika Kurita; Hammam Qassim; Masatoshi Ishii; Kazunori Maruyama; Hirotaka Oshima; Shintaro Sato; Joseph Emerson
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