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PalmSecure: your business, easily secured

PalmSecure provides a high level of accuracy, is easy to implement and uses - a non-intrusive and contactless reader. This ensures virtually no physiological user restrictions while proving to be extremely hygienic as no contact to the skin is required. As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security.

PalmSecure, our market-proven biometric authentication technology based on palm vein pattern recognition, has been shown to be one of the most accurate biometric authentication solutions currently available.

Fujitsu PalmSecure Palm Vein Authentication Technology

Illustration showing how palm vein scanning works
How PalmSecure works (text version)

1. Hand scanned with infrared light.

2. Palm vein structure captured and transformed.

3. Local matching with biometric template.

4. Biometric template securely stored.

5. Personal access is unlocked.

Why PalmSecure™?

The risks of traditional authentication methods

There exist several different methods of authentication. Traditional methods are for example passwords or smart cards. But what are the problems about these methods?

Palm SecureAuthConductor

Passwords and PIN codes can be
shared or guessed so how can an
organization be sure that the person
using them is the authorized user?

Loss or theft of cards and misplacing or
damaging cards causes security risks for
the organization that issues the card. 

Only 41% of people use
6 or more unique
passwords for different
accounts – even 23%
use always the same
 More than 60% of all
users cannot
remember all of their
 26% have shared their
passwords with their
spouse, 15% with a
 52% write their
passwords down or safe
them in an unsecure

In contrast to traditional authentication methods, biometric characteristics are unique and fixed to a person

Replacing passwords with PalmSecure™

Using biometric authentication methods instead of passwords is a more convenient and secure way to identify yourself. There exist different biometric systems. Just why should you use PalmSecure™? The answer is easy:

PalmSecure™ is…

  • Easy to use
  • Contact less and hygienic
  • Suitable for public use
  • Embeddable in all kinds of flat products, including laptops copiers, printers, fax machines, access systems, and eventually even mobile phones

Fujitsu PalmSecure business applications

PalmSecure™ technology is based on more than two decades of Fujitsu image recognition experience, and has a wide range of applications across all industry sectors, including:

  • Physical access control for visitors and staff – improves buildings security.
  • Time and attendance – reduces employee fraud.
  • Access to enterprise-wide IT systems – removes the pressure of password resets.

Global Offerings

Find out more about PalmSecure offerings in your region or country:

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