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At Fujitsu, we know that delivering dynamic solutions can only be achieved through a flexible, and respectful, approach to work. If you want to work in the way that suits you and our customers best, come and find your future at Fujitsu.

For nearly three decades, Philippines Global Delivery Center has withstood the test of time through our flexibility and adaptability amid changing circumstances in the environment. Guided by the Fujitsu Technology Service Vision for our long-term vision, we are able to respond to uncertainty brought by the changes without diverting from our path and retaining our stability and consistency.

In the time of pandemic, Philippines Global Delivery Center has quickly adjusted to delivering its services via telework whilst putting our employees’ safety and wellbeing as our top priority.

Ikigai Clubs: Purpose. A reason for being. These are just some of the words in the English language that come close to the Japanese word Ikigai (生き甲斐) – deriving from the words iki (life) and kai (realization of hopes and expectations). Underpinned by this meaning, the Philippines Global Delivery Center has adopted the term to pertain to all the clubs formed within the company. An initiative of our HR Employee Experience (EE) team, various clubs were formed with each centering on a particular interests and hobby.

The idea of forming clubs was driven by the goal of fostering an even wider family culture in the Philippines GDC. Upon joining the company, the employee's team initially becomes its family while at work. With the founding of Ikigai, the family culture and camaraderie within the company have been expanded as employees get to meet, interact, and befriend other people from different departments and teams.

Some of the Ikigai Clubs in the Philippines GDC are Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Running, Frisbee, Football, Arts & Crafts, Photography, Music, and Lifezone among many others.

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