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Fujitsu Edgeware

Fujitsu Edgeware

The Internet of Things (IoT) is undergoing rapid growth, creating opportunities throughout the global economy. The number of Internet-connected devices is forecast to grow from 10 billion in 2010 to 50 billion by 2020 and with its Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion capability, Fujitsu is now positioned to address the business challenges that will arise from this trend.

Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion provides remarkable productivity and efficiency gains in key operational applications, particularly in highly regulated industries and complex supply chains. With this innovative platform we are addressing a growing market need in verticals such as Public Safety, Distribution and Public Utilities among others.

The link between automated identification technology and enterprise applications.

Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion provides the link between data collection in the field and enterprise systems. It allows organisations to build a hardware-independent platform with multiple connected sensors, readers, handhelds, networks and other devices that integrate with rich data from corporate systems. Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion also translates raw tag data from fixed or mobile devices into relevant business contexts (intelligence) that can create transactional activity, integrating to back-end systems without the need to change enterprise or supply chain systems.

Leveraging Fujitsu’s breadth of capability

Fujitsu has an end-to-end capability in Australia and New Zealand around IoT via the Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion management platform. The platform turns real-time events and raw data into meaningful and valuable information to assist in complex decision making.

The Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion platform addresses a growing market need that will leverage our core services in systems integration, project management, implementation and management. Fujitsu is well placed to leverage our global experience implementing successful projects that have delivered very impressive returns for our customers.

Proven results on a global scale

Worldwide, Fujitsu has successfully deployed Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion solutions to streamline business processes such as inventory and warehouse management, safety and compliance, supplier management, real-time location as well as asset management and tracking. These deployments have been for customers in industries as diverse as electronic manufacturing, power generation, distribution, commercial aviation, and emergency services; including Policing and State and Federal Government agencies.

Maintaining compliance while increasing productivity in highly regulated industries

Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion has the potential to streamline administrative processes in highly regulated industries. Globally, Fujitsu has implemented Edgeware projects in industries such as Public Safety (Police, Firefighting and Emergency Services), Distribution & Freight (Ports; Postal services; environmental monitoring of sensitive cargo such as chemicals and explosives, cold storage transport and food distribution), Public Utilities, IT and Data Centre Asset Management, Mining and Oil&Gas, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

Streamlining complex supply chains

In complex logistics applications Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion can assist in the tracking of goods and equipment and can also play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the supply chain in cases where there is sensitive or highly perishable cargo.

Managing large and complex asset bases

In industries where there are ‘many moving parts’ Fujitsu Edgeware iMotion can help with the location, tracking and quality control of many field-based and vehicle-based assets in industries such as Energy and Water utilities.

Download the White Paper

IoT White Paper Download

Taking a holistic view of the IoT and its growing role in business and industry, this White Paper reflects not only market trends, but also the business requirements and challenges (including crucial factors such as integration and security) facing a host of organisations and industries as they gear up for a connected future.

IoT White Paper Download

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