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Moving on from the mainframe with Fujitsu

In today’s modern digital age, organisations need the agility to rapidly innovate and deliver new services in line with rising customer expectations. However, expensive mainframe platforms using COBOL, an outdated and increasingly unsupported language, were not built to meet this pace of change.

It’s currently estimated that there are 220 billion lines of COBOL in use today, but with runtimes becoming more expensive and COBOL, now a programming language that’s over 60 years old, it really is time to move on.

However, mainframe modernisation can be complex, time-consuming, risky and expensive. That’s why at Fujitsu, we’ve developed a highly automated solution to migrate legacy applications built with languages such as COBOL to modern languages hosted on on-premise or cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Legacy application modernisation – mitigating the risk

Fujitsu PROGRESSION is an easy, cost-effective and proven way to move on from the mainframe. Sold as a service, we deliver all the steps in an end-to-end migration. It allows customers to modernize and migrate away from legacy applications, developed with languages such as COBOL, RPG and Transact, to a modern platform using languages such as C# or Java (coming in 2020).

Developed over the last 15 years, 100% of the mainframe code is converted to these modern languages, by our automated systems before being migrated to modern platforms.

With PROGRESSION, there’s no ‘lift and shift’ and so no expensive runtime licensing. You own the source code, which means you can use your own people and partners to maintain and develop things further. As they are migrated, applications are put into an automated application DevOps lifecycle, helping you to speed up development and deployment. And, in a cloud environment, functionality, microservices and other services can be easily plugged in.

Solution benefits include:

  • a simple, clear cost pricing model
  • TCO reduced by up to 80%
  • rapid return on investment
  • reduced vendor lock-in/licenses
  • no runtime required
  • reduced training times with migration from green screens to intuitive web pages

Does your enterprise rely on COBOL and RPG assets for core business functions?

Fujitsu's PROGRESSION is the answer to your needs. It's an automated tool suite which takes legacy applications developed in COBOL, RPG and Transact and modernises them so you can quickly, easily and safely move from the mainframe to modern environments such as Microsoft.Net, Microsoft’s Azure or AWS using C#.

Why choose Fujitsu as your application modernisation technology partner?

At Fujitsu, we have the people, tools and proven experience to successfully transform business-critical systems and help customers to move on from the mainframe. Our technology tool suite is 100% Fujitsu owned, which reduces the complexity and cost of modernisation. Working with us means no dealing with third parties or paying additional licensing fees.

We have spent over 15 years refining our methodology, and with over 100 successful projects we have a proven track record accelerating enterprise transformation and delivering seamless application modernisation. We understand that migration is not just about transforming the code, it’s about the entire environment - where you can move to and the tools you can use. With every legacy migration, we use what we have learned to enhance and improve our suite of tools.

With Progression we offer:

  • fast qualification based on the completion of a simple questionnaire
  • help to develop a business case to assess the benefits and risks
  • a complete turn-key solution
  • management of the crossover period to mitigate the risk of migration


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