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New Brunswick Department of Public Safety Chooses Fujitsu for Modernization

"Fujitsu has built a solid platform on which we can build. It is the foundation of our modernization program and will help us evolve as an organization so we can continue to keep the roads of New Brunswick safe for everyone"

Robert Cyr, Program Director, New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Branch

The customer

New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces and was one of the first to join the Dominion of Canada in 1867. It today boasts a varied and increasingly multicultural population with a total population of 729,997.

The challenge

The New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Branch was burdened with an out of date legacy mainframe system that was overly complex and costly to maintain. It wanted to migrate its business critical applications to a more flexible, modern platform to simplify support and lower costs.

The approach

Fujitsu used its PROGRESSION suite to automate the conversion of 1.5 million lines of code; 110 database tables; 40 million data records; and 867 business logic programs, migrating away both online and batch programs from the COBOL mainframe to a stable, reliable solution in a .NET environment.

The benefits

  • The new system can be managed in-house without the need for expensive external consultants
  • The modern platform does not require specialist COBOL knowledge meaning finding new staff with the right skills is much easier
  • Its stability ensures maximum uptime and enables it to process 30 million transactions per year
  • The interface is identical to the previous mainframe solution so employees are comfortable with using it and no special training is required

The products

  • System Integration