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Fujitsu Grants Manager

Fujitsu Grants Manager is a total solution for the end to end management of your Grants Process Lifecycle. It consists of an online web portal hosted on Microsoft Azure, combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It delivers secure workflow-based registration, application assessment, award and associated management processes.

The result?

Reduced time between application and award, which will provide management with a view of grant statuses, results and outcomes.

Swift ROI

Fujitsu’s Grants Manager delivers an immediate return on investment (ROI). Deployment is fast, instant value is provided to end users and it is easy to achieve rapid efficiency gains. Costs for on-going maintenance and upgrades are minimal, adding to a low total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits – Fujitsu Grants Manager

  • Fits your people: Rich capabilities within familiar browsers and Microsoft Office experience.
  • Fits your business: Flexible design and process automation with real-time business insight.
  • Fits your environment: Fast to deploy, simple to customise and easy to manage. 
  • Reduced Rework: Validating data as it is entered ensures a greater number of applications can be processed first time. 
  • Clearer Visibility of Funding: Detailed reporting on the status of funds and funding is available from the system in real time. 
  • Auditing & Compliance: All activities, decisions, and modifications to grants data are recorded throughout the ‘grants lifecycle’ and can easily be accessed for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Application Status: Applicants can monitor and review the status of their applications on the portal. 
  • Security: Only authorised users have access to the information you want them to see. 
  • Improved Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 provides powerful easy to use reporting.
  • CRM Functionality: Because the application is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, all standard functionality is available with the system. 
  • Application Integration: The application can be easily integrated with other systems such as finance, email and document management. 
  • Portal Integration: The portal can be implemented with any existing back end grants system.
The Fujitsu Grants Manager has been redeveloped to rapidly improve the efficiency of your Grant Management processing. Not only is it easy to implement and maintain, it has clear return on investment. Fujitsu will work with you to determine the most appropriate deployment option for your organisation, taking into consideration your budget, timeframe and your specific Grant processing requirements .

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