ebMS3 AS4 Client


ebMS3 AS4 Client for SBR2, Single Touch Payroll (STP) and SuperStream

Fujitsu announces a new release of ebMS3 Messenger, its ebMS3 3.0/AS4 message service handler (MSH) product for Standard Business Reporting (SBR2), Single Touch Payroll (STP) and SuperStream.

ebMS3 Messenger is the ideal solution for those who wish to implement their own MSH. It is not only AS4 compliant but also supports ATO’s enhancements such as SAML token and use of ReftoMessageId.

We support both .NET and Java interfacing capabilities to ensure easy integration with the source/destination of XML and XBRL documents.

Our ebMS3 Message Handler

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

- Payroll event


ATO services (e.g.)
- Fund Validation Services (FVS)
- SuperMatch (SMAT2)
- EmployerTICK (ETIC)
- Activity Statement (AS)
- Individual Income Tax Return (IITR)
- Member Account Services (MAAS/MATS)


- Rollovers
- Member Contributions

Your trusted ebMS3 partner

Building on its experience as a key member of the OASIS ebMS3 3.0/AS4 technical committee, this offering is a significant enhancement of the software which Fujitsu used in December 2010 interoperability tests for ebMS3 3.0/AS4.

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