Security Solution Authconductor V2

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FUJITSU Security Solution AuthConductor V2

There is an increasing urgency to improve security due to rising incidents and heightened attention to data protection. Yet the combination of username/password is the most used method of personal authentication.

Passwords are often shared and are vulnerable to a number of attacks from hackers, including phishing, theft, credential stuffing, dictionary and man-in-the-middle attacks.

AuthConductor reduces these risks by replacing or augmenting passwords with biometrics, including Fujitsu's world-leading Palm vein technology.

Service Features:


Seamless Integration and Scalability

Highly scalable solution



Verification (1:1) and identification (1:N)

PC logon

PC Logon

Secure logon to Windows and Applications


Life cycle management

Registration, authentication, management


Audit reporting



Applications and Enterprise Systems
Physical Access devices

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