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FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is an open-source based, high-performance, high-reliability, cost-effective relational database management system. It enables businesses to lower their database cost of ownership significantly by reducing licence and ongoing support cost.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres leverages PostgreSQL, a feature-rich open source database management system, used by millions of users globally, enabling integration with a wide range of software bundles, information utilisation systems, development tools, and application runtime environments. By further enhancing key features, Fujitsu delivers a flexible solution that achieves high reliability and asset protection that is aligned with your data management strategy.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres offers the easy setup and smart recovery features that ensure seamless integration into any existing business system to provide hassle-free installation, along with easy and intuitive operation for the end user. System managers no longer have to meet the challenge of allocating specific database expertise.

The improved high reliability and high performance along with the advantage of Fujitsu’s long-term support have created substantial benefits to further compliment intelligent business data systems for enterprises.