Fujitsu ScanSnap technology delivers high-quality results in seconds compared to conventional scanners. The high-quality scanning capabilities assist to preserve and share Indigenous Australian history and Culture.

Monique Shipp, CEO Bawurra Foundation
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Bawurra Foundation

Preserving Culture, promoting reconciliation


Bawurra Foundation works with many Indigenous communities and Elders to preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and Culture. Bawurra Foundation acknowledges that all information preserved is in accordance with Indigenous Cultural and intellectual property protocols.


Within the Bawurra digital library, volunteers partner with First Nations Elders and communities to record and preserve oral histories, songlines and language. To accompany this preservation, Bawurra Foundation digitally preserves artefacts such as maps, photos, letters and news clippings.


FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap reduces the time required for volunteers and Elders to scan artefacts. For example, an A3 sized area can be scanned in less than three seconds, enabling multiple artefacts to be scanned at one time.


  • Enables the Bawurra Foundation to engage with remote Indigenous Australian communities
  • Helps to create a permanent digital recording of delicate artefacts, without causing damage
  • Simplifies the sharing of cultural knowledge throughout Australia’s education system

Download Full Case Study PDF

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