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  5. PalmSecure enables Menzies Group to manage employee resources on real-time and highly safe

PalmSecure enables Menzies Group to manage employee resources on real-time and highly safe

"Fujitsu PalmSecure has transformed how we manage over a thousand employees, providing a better experience for them and real-time management for us. It’s bringing our organisation into the 21st century."

Greg Springall HR and Safety Manager, Menzies Group

Menzies has deployed Fujitsu PalmSecure to 40 sites, enabling real-time monitoring of employee movements as well as automatic payment and reporting via Inzenius.


Established in 1969, Menzies is one of Australia’s leading privately-owned providers of cleaning and related property services. The company employs over 4,000 employees and turns over almost AUS$300 million annually with operations across all major Australian cities and regional centres. It provides a range of services, including contract cleaning; property and specialist maintenance; security services; manpower and labour hire; and waste and environmental management.


Menzies needs to track and manage thousands of employees across hundreds of client sites. However reconciling employee performance with payroll was taking hours and left room for human error. The company wanted a secure, flexible ID management solution that would integrate with its existing systems.


Menzies has rolled out Fujitsu PalmSecure and Inzenius to 40 sites with around 1,200 employees. It provides an authentication system using biometric technology that identifies users based on vein pattern recognition and connects with back office applications to automate payment.


  • Enables Menzies and its customers to manage resources more effectively
  • Payroll paperwork can be completed instantly, freeing up internal resources
  • Menzies can attract new business and grow the company through its use of cutting edge technology