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At Fujitsu, we talk about co-innovation. Explore how we are advancing technology and striving to make the world a better place for all.

Striving for cleaner air
We use the power of ICT for cleaner air.

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Striving to overcome heart disease through advanced simulation

Heart disease is one of major fatal diseases in Japan and even in the world.

shaping tomorrow with supercomputing

Masami Yamamoto, President, Fujitsu Ltd.

Supercomputing and innovation

Hideyuki Saso, the former Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd.(the President and Representative Director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. since April 2014)

Supercomputing for a safer world

Masahiko Yamada, the head of Technical Computing Solutions Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.

Developing the next generation of supercomputers

Yuji Oinaga, the head of Next Generation Technical Computing Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.(the technological advisor of Nect Generation Technical Computing Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.)

Supercomputing and collaboration

Masahiro Koezuka, a former Corporate Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd. (Vice Chairman, Corporate Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd.)

Supercomputing for a healthy world

Kenji Ikegai, a former Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd.(Director, Fujitsu Ltd. President, Fujitsu Marketing Ltd.)