Fujitsu Co-creating Program

Our mission is to enable you to co-create your future and take advantage of all the opportunities of the digital age. It’s a new frontier for business as well as society. It’s a more social, collaborative era in which innovative ideas, business models, products and services emerge from a broad ecosystem of partners. They are co-created.

Our Co-creating Program is based on simple, collaborative engagement. We bring multiple perspectives together using digital technologies. To do that we ask customers to identify their key business and IT decision makers as well as people from across their enterprise who are open to creative thinking as well as have a deep understanding of the strategic needs of the business.

Fujitsu’s talented and experienced experts facilitate the collaborative engagement to achieve a dynamic mix of knowledge, creativity, ideation and concept development. Our unique form of ‘design thinking’ – Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design (Fujitsu HXD) – is added to the mix to generate innovative ideas and concepts faster than could be achieved if those people worked in isolation.

Human centric approach

Co-creation means shaping the digital future together. Creative cooperation with a Human Centric approach are key in our Co-creation workshops. Listen here to the experiences from Frits-Jan Groenewold (Head of Pre-Sales & Practice Lead Co-creation Fujitsu Netherlands) about the first workshops which have taken place in the Netherlands where we have been driving digital transformation together with our customers.


Accelerate innovation with Co-creation

The best solutions arise in cooperation. Fujitsu has special workshops in which trained experts, together with customers, search for technological solutions to specific challenges based on a proven methodology.