SM2-PA (BS2000/OSD)

For tuning application and system programs

Current version: V2.0

The SM2 software monitor stores the task and program monitoring data requested by the user by means of the START-TASK-MEASUREMENT command in user-specific monitoring files which can be analyzed by all users with the aid of the SM2-PA tool. The output results are used for tuning application and system programs.

In the case of task analysis (analogous to the old SM2R1 task statistics), the most important performance characteristics of a user task are output. In the case of program analysis, SVC and program counter statistics can be requested, in which case the program counter states and SVC calls assigned to individual modules and to freely selectable address areas are supplied. If detailed statistics are required, the program counter and SVC call distribution within a given module can be determined.

All statistics can be either output online or printed out in edited form.

User task statistics

All the important data pertaining to an user task (e.g. CPU time, elapsed time, number of I/O operations, SVCs, paging interrupts, working set, wait states) is recorded and output.

Program counter statistics

The program counter states recorded by the SM2 software monitor are assigned to the modules or freely selectable address areas of a program.