Cyber Threat Awareness and Risk Management

Fujitsu Intelligence-led Cyber Security for the Digital World

Predictive and proactive threat intelligence services that keep your business safe from cyber threats and attack

In today’s fast-paced working world, every business needs to move quickly and constantly innovate. However, change is never easy, and as businesses strive to innovate and pursue new projects and services, security is often seen to be the main hurdle. In the digital world, cyber-attacks are increasingly sophisticated and destructive, and being the subject of a cyber attack or data breach has serious implications and can do untold reputational damage, making cyber security no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity.

Protecting individuals and their data, minimizing cyber risk and remaining compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements – such as the EU’s GDPR legislation, is more important than ever. With rapid service development and short delivery times to market, there’s often little time to integrate appropriate security measures - leading to increased risk of cyber threat and attack.

At Fujitsu, we believe innovation doesn’t need to come with a security compromise. Our intelligence-led cyber security approach allows you to do more than just protect. It gives you the power to say yes to innovation and change.

Improve operations

Average number of days to uncover and contain a breach

Source: Ponemon Institute 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report

Ensure 24/7 business continuity

Fine for GDPR violations in the EU

* % of global turnover


Taking an intelligence-led approach to security

Combining digital and human intelligence, Fujitsu tailored cyber solutions detect and respond to threats, ensuring 24/7 business continuity and protection. We manage your security platforms - leaving you to focus on your business.

Key Challenges Facing IT Security Managers

If it takes on average 287 days to uncover and contain a security breach, without threat awareness you’re unlikely to know you’ve been compromised until the damage has been done. Threat assessment is therefore a high priority for all IT security managers who need to ensure correct cyber protection measures are in place to:

  • Assess and identify cyber risks early on
  • Detect unusual behavior
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing critical data
  • Deliver the proper response should issues occur
  • Restore business continuity as fast as possible

With so many challenges to overcome, just how do you reduce risk and remain secure while taking full advantage of the benefits digital disruption brings? The answer is an intelligence-led approach.

Why Take An Intelligence-led Security Approach?

New digital trends come with ever-evolving external and internal threats, and at Fujitsu, we believe that new threats call for new ideas and ways of thinking. The traditional approach is to attack the problem and solve it, however, with cyber security you can’t do something once and hope that you’ll be safe forever. Cyber risk management and resolution must be ongoing as new threats appear all the time.

Stay predictive and proactive. Gain competitive advantage via our cyber consulting services and solutions. Work with us to propel yourself ahead of threats and free yourself to focus on creating value and growing your business – safely and securely. We:

  • Ensure the robust management of cyber security platforms
  • Provide comprehensive visibility of events for early threat detection
  • Routinely scan your systems to detect vulnerabilities before they become critical
Why Take An Intelligence-led Security Approach?

Fujitsu Cyber Security Expert Advice

For over four decades we have been an IT security services provider and have built up a wealth of experience. Our specialist cyber security team is comprised of business continuity, identity and access management experts with experience advising both public and private sector organizations. Our security professionals constantly work to develop and extend their knowledge and expertise, taking what they have learned and applying this to improve IT security for all customers.

Fujitsu IT Security Services and Solutions Portfolio

At Fujitsu, we offer a broad range of cyber security consulting and managed cyber security services based upon best-of-breed security technologies. Delivered via local and global security operations centers, we provide 24/7/365 cyber security services tailored to your individual business requirements.

The strength of our proven experience, vendor relationships and global scale means that we’re well placed to optimize your approach to security and provide real-time intelligence and visibility on the state of your IT environment. We:

  • Deliver robust protection at a competitive cost
  • Provide a flexible and responsive service
  • Offer security services that meet compliance demands and align with government-recognized security policies and PCI DSS, ISO 27001/2, SOX and ISO22301:2012
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