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As technology innovation impacts businesses everywhere, demands for fully-connected, service-led digital experiences in all walks of life are accelerating. Education is no different, so school boards and Higher Education institutions are rapidly adapting to this shift in expectations.

At Fujitsu, we continue to invest in modernizing the learning experience through our extensive portfolio of IT solutions for education providers to help facilitate their Digital Transformation journey. We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer proven, flexible and secure IT solutions focused on improving student outcomes through the enablement of technology.

Solutions for Education

Reimagining Education in a post-COVID world.

As the global pandemic shut down schools across the world, COVID-19 immediately exposed the level of preparedness at different education institutions. Did they have the technology and know-how to support the new reality? Were staff ready to work with students remotely? Were data privacy and security policies and procedures accounted for? Deficiencies were uncovered, for sure, but overall the pandemic underlined the tremendous resilience and innovative spirit inherent in educators. So what happens next? The benefits of new digital capabilities to support education, made possible by cloud technology, were amplified and accelerated by the urgency of the COVID-19 crisis. The question for education leaders now is, what opportunity does this provide for learning modernization once the pandemic is over?. Replay this session from our Fujitsu ActivateNow event to learn more about how we see education changing in a post-COVID world.

Webinar “Streamline Application Integration in K-12 Education”

Most people in education understand that timely access to the right data can help improve student learning outcomes. Integrating applications also improves data quality, streamlines processes, supports efficiency, and enables collaboration among teachers, students and parents. Yet many school boards still do not have access to an environment of integrated applications. Replay our live webinar to maximize your cross-platform value.

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Webinar “Digital Transformation in K-12 Education”

The knowledge economy is here, resulting in major changes in K-12 to prepare students for an ever more digital world. But is IT able to keep up with the needs? School boards are working hard to determine the investments they need to modernize their systems. But that raises many questions. What is the current state of our systems? What do we need? Ho we will get there? How to prioritize? These seemingly basic questions often have much more complex answers.

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How to solve your K-12 administrative needs – Sparkrock Live Event

A critical component to the long-term success of your K-12 school district is ensuring you have future-proof technology –from the back-office to the classroom. While much attention has been given to classroom technology amid the current pandemic environment, there is tremendous hidden value in upgrading your administrative technologies as well.

Replay this webinar on-demand and learn more from Sparkrock, Fujitsu and Microsoft panelists about how your district can benefit from collaborative solutions.

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