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Public Safety

Many Public Safety organizations have already made a start on modernizing their IT, but progress is uneven and difficult to manage in such mission-critical environments. Welcome to the one place where you get all the information to drive your transformational change, become more responsive, engage better with citizens, protect the public and save lives.

IT Transformation

IT Transformation of Emergency Services in North America

Emergency services providers in North America face a hugely challenging balancing act, having to meet a growing demand for services while operating within tightening budget constraints. At the same time, rapid advances in technology are presenting new opportunities for transforming the way that emergency medical, police and fire services are delivered.

To explore this topic in more details, Fujitsu has partnered with teknowlogy Group to study how public safety organizations on both side of the border are putting digital transformation front and center of their future strategies.

Unlocking creativity, knowledge & innovation

Employees, customers and the wider world around us. Historically these roles have been managed as three distinct and largely disconnected entities. You might practice great customer service. You may have effective employee engagement programs. And you might carry out initiatives to positively impact society. But in today’s digital world, that’s not enough. How is creativity and knowledge being harnessed to empower people to innovate? And is digital technology playing a role?