External reporting channels in the European Union

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External reporting in the EU

According to the Directive and the respective national laws, where already implemented, whistleblowers in the EU or concerning EU locations may also consider reporting their concerns to EU agencies and/or external national designated authorities if the report concerns a breach of EU laws as listed in the Directive or as defined by the respective national laws (“External Reporting”).

However, we strongly encourage to contact us via Fujitsu Alert if you have work-related concerns. Experience shows that an internal follow-up is a fast and effective way to investigate and allows Fujitsu to ensure confidentiality, support and protection of whistleblowers reporting in good faith against retaliation. Furthermore, if you contact us directly, Fujitsu can take immediate action and stop breaches or violations, thereby averting or containing potential damage to Fujitsu, its employees, business partners and reputation and -in case of severe violations- wider society.

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Information on external reporting channels according to EU Directive 2019/1937 within the European Union

For more information on the respective requirements and procedures please follow the links provided

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