Fujitsu Australia Limited

Company nameFujitsu Australia Limited
ABN19 001 011 427
Street address118 Talavera Rd Macquarie Park
Sydney NSW 2113 Australia
Telephone+61 2 9776 4555
Fax+61 2 9776 4556
CompanyWholly-owned subsidiary
Ultimate holding companyFujitsu Limited (100%)
Major business activityFujitsu is a full service provider of information technology and communications solutions. Throughout Australia and New Zealand we partner with our customers to consult, design, build, operate and support business solutions. Fujitsu provides strategic consulting, application and infrastructure solutions and services.
State of incorporationNew South Wales
Year established1972
Chief Executive OfficerMr Graeme Beardsell
Key Executives

Ms Clare Burden, Vice President, Portfolio and Alliances

Ms Annemarie Kikos, Head of Strategy and Marketing

Ms Caroline Flatley, Vice President, Human Resources

Mr Peter Fury, Vice President, Service Delivery

Mr Conway Kosi, Vice President, Sales and Customer Service Management

Mr Neil Lamb, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Operations

Mr Scott Mortimer, Vice President, Legal Commercial and Compliance

Mr Tomonori Ishikawa, Managing Director, Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST)

Ms Karen Adamedes, Head of Communications
AuditorsErnst & Young
BanksWestpac Banking Corporation
Telecommunications service providerTelstra, Optus, Fujitsu
ISO 9000 certifiedYes
Australian government endorsed supplierYes

Fujitsu Australia Limited - Board MembersAppointed
Executive DirectorsMr Graeme BeardsellSenior Vice President, Head of Oceania 5 November 2020
Executive Director 1 November 2020
Mr Aidan Walsh19 November 2009
Mr Neil LambChief Financial Officer & Vice President, Oceania Operations
Appointed 1 April 2015
Company SecretaryMr Scott Mortimer1 December 2017

Updated: 05 Nov 2020

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