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ETERNUS LT270磁带库:规格说明



ETERNUS LT270是采用高可靠性大容量LTO Ultrium磁带驱动器的开放式系统磁带库。由于具有将多台服务器的数据备份到单个磁带库的能力,该型号在降低运行成本和总体拥有成本(TCO)的同时,实现了高效的存储资产利用率。

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Number of cartridges (*Note 1) 134
601 to 709
[579 to 687] (*Note 2)
Total storage capacity (uncompressed) Ultrium 3 45.6TB 91.2TB 179.2TB 231.6TB~274.8TB
Ultrium 4 91.2TB 182.4TB 358.4TB 463.2TB~549.6TB
Number of cabinets 1
Mounted units Robot 2
CAS (*Note 3) 20 (10 cartridges per magazine x 2 CASs)
Tape drive 2 to 20
Ultrium 3 Tape drive Data transfer rate 160MB/sec (compressed), 80MB/sec (uncompressed)
Storage capacity 800GB/cartridge (compressed), 400GB/cartridge (uncompressed)
Ultrium 4 Tape drive Data transfer rate 240MB/sec (compressed), 120MB/sec (uncompressed)
Storage capacity 1.6TB/cartridge (compressed), 800GB/cartridge (uncompressed)
Host interfaces Fibre Channel
Dimensions (W x D x H) 780mm x 1,270mm x 1,980mm
Maximum weight (*Note 4) 670kg
Voltage AC200 - 240V
Phase Single phase
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Power consumption 3.2kW
Heat dissipation 16,000kJ/h
Temperature 10 to 35°C (operating), -44 to 66°C (non operating)
Humidity 20 to 80%RH (operating), 10 to 95%RH (non operating)

*Note 1: The number of cartridges includes 20 cartridges for CASs and 2 cartridges for system cells. [] shows the number of cartridges for cells which can be used as user cartridges excluding CASs and system cells.
*Note 2: Maximum number of tape cartridges differs depending on the number of tape drives.
*Note 3: CAS: Cartridge Access Station
*Note 4: The indicated number is maximum weight of LT270 body, not including media.


  Storage capacity (*Note 1) Ultrium 3 Drive Ultrium 4 Drive
Read Write Read Write
Ultrium 1 tape cartridge 100GB (200GB) Yes No No No
Ultrium 2 tape cartridge 200GB (400GB) Yes Yes (*Note 2) Yes No
Ultrium 3 tape cartridge (*Note 5) 400GB (800GB) Yes Yes (*Note 3) Yes Yes (*Note 3)
Ultrium 4 tape cartridge (*Note 5) 800GB (1.6TB) No No Yes Yes (*Note 4)
Cleaning cartridge Ultrium 1 cleaning cartridge U

*Note 1: Values in the parenthesis indicate capacities when data is compressed in the ratio of 2:1.
*Note 2: Data is written in the Ultrium 2 format.
*Note 3: Data is written in the Ultrium 3 format.
*Note 4: Data is written in the Ultrium 4 format.
*Note 5: Ultrium 3 and Ultrium 4 tape cartridges (WORM type) can be used with the Ultrium 3 and Ultrium 4 drives.