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Fujitsu and Oracle: Accelerating your digital transformation

Today’s business environment is defined by disruptors and change-as-standard.

Rapidly changing customer expectations, market dynamics and external forces mean that future-proofing through modernization is crucial – and having the right platform for doing this is essential.

Together, Fujitsu and Oracle provide the perfect answer – enabling you to navigate your Work Life Shift and become an Adaptive Organization.

The multi-layered approach you should take

We recommend driving Oracle-based business transformation on three concurrent and continuous levels.



Move Oracle workloads & applications to Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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Accelerate and scale modern applications through the use of Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Maximize the value of Oracle applications, experiences and emerging technologies.

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A simplified, more agile, architecture allows you to become more responsive to the ever-changing demands of your market by providing rapid scalability.

Fujitsu enables you to achieve this through a ‘move and improve’ approach to standardizing your infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud.


Migrating from traditional, fixed-licence software to cloud SaaS solutions allows you to operate with greater agility and pace – and maximize modern application capability to build better customer experiences.

Whether using SaaS exclusively, or as part of a hybrid architecture, Fujitsu enables you to adopt the latest Oracle technology quickly and cost-efficiently.


At a time when market relevance and competitive advantage can disappear fast, you need to be able to build and retain it through continuous innovation.

Fujitsu enables you to safely use the very latest Oracle advancements in Blockchain, AI, Chatbots, Automation and Data Analytics – so you can build immersive digital services to stay ahead of the crowd.

Results at rapid speed

With our three-stage accelerator programme, you can kick-start your transformation strategy and see big results from as little as 90 days:


In days 1 – 30, we assess your application estate and plan your modernization together


In days 30 – 60, we design, build and configure your new environment. Then we start migration & transformation.


In days 60 – 90, we test and validate your modernized applications and add the managed services you need.

Supporting you with an end-to-end portfolio

Our comprehensive Oracle portfolio gives you everything you need to modernize at pace and with complete confidence. This includes:

Managed Services

Managed Services





Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

Software Products

Software Products

Our partnership with Oracle

You can be confident in Fujitsu for your Oracle-based modernization because we are:

  • Worldwide Experts – ‘Global Oracle Cloud Provider’ and MSP accredited.
  • Proven and trusted – across hybrid IT, from on-premise to cloud.
  • Fast and reliable – able to help you modernize at double-speed, using our unique accelerator programme.

Oracle - Service Partner

Organizations who have chosen us

Just some of the organizations globally who have co-created their transformed business with Fujitsu and Oracle.

Essex County Council

Oracle Cloud Data Migration and Accessibility Made Easy.


Land Registry takes one team approach to successful Oracle Cloud SaaS.

Education Authority Northern Ireland move to OCI

Moving over 40,000 Employees from on-premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructer


Making supply chains move faster by migrating critical applications to Oracle Cloud infrastructure

Major tool manufacturer

Enabling faster response times, reducing cost by 30% and increasing availability to 99.99% through Oracle Cloud and E-Business Suite.

Blog: Construction Organization

How shifting to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure revolutionized construction training

Blog: Financial Regulator

How a Financial Services regulator adapted to change with Oracle Cloud


Getting started with your Oracle transformation

Looking to accelerate transformation with Oracle Cloud and Oracle Applications? We have got the experts, solutions and partnership to help you get started now.

Contact us to discover how Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud could transform your organization

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