Quantum Value Assessment

Does your organisation have a desire to comprehend the current capabilities and potential evolving uses of quantum technology specific to your sector?

Are you ready to identify actions to improve your quantum readiness and uncover the early benefits of quantum computing customised to your organisation?

Do you want to focus on strategic impact and business value to you rather than listening to suppliers list the details of their latest technologies?

If the answer is yes, then Fujitsu's Quantum Value Assessment will be of interest to you:

  • A business opportunity focused workshop that will help your organisation understand the value a quantum advantage would give you and provide a roadmap for effective adoption.
  • We will focus on the business value a quantum enabler can bring to your organisation..

How does it work?

Our consultant led approach delivers business opportunity focused workshops to discover, triage, model and test quantum advantage customised to your organisation.

This approach will allow you to understand the current capabilities of quantum technology and it’s future potential specific to your organisation.

See how HSBC are unlocking the true potential of Quantum Computing enabled by the Quantum Value Assessment​.

Quantum Value Assessment

Interested in hearing more including how a leading UK Bank has used our Quantum Value Assessment to develop their roadmap to quantum readiness? Leave us some details to schedule a call back from one of our quantum computing experts:

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