PFU (EMEA) Limited announces the completion of unified PaperStream software portfolio

New features include PaperStream ClickScan

PFU (EMEA) Limited

London, July 13, 2021

PFU (EMEA) Limited, today announced the completion of its unified PaperStream software portfolio, ensuring Fujitsu Image Scanner solutions continue to meet the needs of every customer. The announcement comes as PFU EMEA launches two new software elements; PaperStream ClickScan, which provides new capabilities to the Fujitsu Image Scanner[1] software bundle and the addition of new solutions to the PaperStream NX experience, providing end users with enhanced security, compliance, and governance for their information management.

Simple to operate and easy to install, the Fujitsu Image Scanner PaperStream software bundle includes a range of high-performance tools which together enhance every element of image capture, from guaranteeing the core source image is of the highest quality through to streamlining the capture process, reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

PaperStream IP lays the foundation for the capture process by automatically optimising scanned images, to deliver consistently high-quality output for faster, lower-cost downstream operations. PaperStream IP Net provides an even more flexible way to deploy the functions that PaperStream IP brings to Fujitsu Image Scanners.

PaperStream Capture streamlines digital workflows by automating the validation, data extraction and release stages of the batch capture process. The optional upgrade PaperStream Capture Pro allows this process to be re-engineered to deliver even greater economies of scale for high-volume capture needs.

Scanner Central Admin is a centralised management software that maximises uptime and reduces the cost of installing, maintaining and operating a network of scanners. Able to remotely provision, configure and update up to 1,000 scanners per instance, it also provides real-time data monitoring, ensuring that scheduled servicing occurs on time, and maximum performance levels are maintained.

PaperStream ClickScan is the latest addition to the software bundle. Designed to allow ad-hoc scanning without the need for configuration. Paperstream ClickScan ensures even unexpected items can be immediately captured and not hold business up.

“Offering a fully unified portfolio, the PaperStream software bundle provides exceptional image quality as well as automating workflows for increased efficiency,” explains Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President and CEO of PFU (EMEA) Limited. “In today’s complex business world, software is key to the digital transformation journey. It empowers organisations to harness the value of captured information by converting it into a more usable format, making processes more efficient and increasing organisational intelligence.”

Information governance can be made even more secure with the PaperStream NX solution which uses encrypted data and user authentication to ensure only the right people can utilise its Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner hardware. Centralised management gives both greater control and reduces operational cost, while the ‘thin client’ capability also enables PC-Free scanning.

“Fujitsu Image Scanner solutions are designed to unlock the value of information within organisations,” continues Mr. Kashiwagi. “PaperStream software is integral to this, automating the management and operation of both the capture process and systems, as teams seek to increase their organisational intelligence via digital transformation.”

Channel Partners can access the PaperStream Capture Pro Partner Program, to benefit from training, certification, and dedicated technical support to in turn ensure they can consistently provide the right solution and expertise to customers. More information can be found at:

Find out more about PaperStream here: or


[1] Support for the SP series is scheduled for late July 2021.

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Date: July 13, 2021
City: London

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